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High-rise in Dubai - GiTex 2014

Oct 12,2014 in News
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Dubai’s nomenclature has been traced to a number of roots. Often, the heritage of its name and etymology is placed in the Arabic words for ‘money’ and ‘people coming with a lot of money’. This is unsurprising given the city’s foundations: it has had to place consistent emphasis on trade for its own growth and survival historically; the name rings true today - Dubai’s contemporary renown is for being a global oasis of vertical and financial prosperity situated in the United Arab Emirates. GiTex (or, the Gulf Information and Technology Exhibition) exemplifies the passage of new money and trade from which Dubai is constructed, and is held each year in the city’s Trade Centre … and that’s exactly where Spur is this week!

The annual event is supported by the world’s leading technology companies, but it is by no means dominated by them, or restricted by their influence. Smaller tech enterprises are encouraged to shine at the event and many believe it is the perfect platform to exhibit their products and services, returning year after year to the event with their latest innovative developments. Conferences and speeches are choreographed to reflect the movement of the technology (and the money!) of the times; 3-D printing, robotics, and autonomous vehicles all feature on the roster of hot topics at this year’s event.

Spur are glad to be a part of GiTex and all the fascinating demonstrations of trade that passed through its high-rise doors at the Trade Centre this year. And, like many others, we look forward to returning to the trade oasis and matching the massive progressions made manifest at this landmark event.