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Serious Business in the World’s Entertainment Capital - CES 2015

Jan 09,2015 in News
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Nowhere does extravagance like Vegas. Its membrane of superficiality makes playground mockeries of nuptial custom and superimposes meaningful human encounters with unnerving ease; loosely falsified for all those who bring their quick custom to the Nevada desert city – at a glance it offers immediate satisfaction for every kind of fleeting hedonistic desire that blows in. However, it’s fair to say this surface superficiality does not extend to the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) tradeshow. Granted, Vegas’s characteristic scale and grandiose are both apparent at the global assembly ... but, for the most part, the event is remote from its ostentatious geographical host in its encapsulation of meaningful ideas – ideas which carry real substance, weight, and longevity. The event is where serious working relationships are founded, and the shape and direction of the industry on a global scale is determined. For this reason, the event is equally rewarding to attend however you size-up to the big kids here who – as you would expect – are instantly the more visible to the city’s macro mentality. We at Spur had as much fun making new contacts as we did trying out the Oculus Rift this year. To the event we brought along one-hundred units of our Atomic smartwatch, all of which we were thrilled to see had travelled on to wrists anew by the end of the event. We look forward to continuing to attend in the coming years, and becoming ever more distinct on this great event’s grand radar.