Limited quantities and worth the wait.

Just for you

You get exactly what you want without worrying about availability of options. We evolve to modular and mass production while building a direct relationship with you.

Supply & Demand

We follow a type of lean manufacturing which reduces waste as there is no over production and holding of inventory. This ensures an effective use of production resources and couples it with proactive demand management.

Works for everyone

Green with efficiency in production, perfectly satisfying demand and reduced costs to our buyers. Best of all, we initiate a relationship before you buy anything.

Limited Availability

Receive Invite from Spur, a family member or friend. Go to the Spur Online store and select options. Make partial payment and complete order process.

Batch Fabrication

Batch quantity met and order sent for manufacture. Items manufactured with selected options, quality inspected and sent to warehouse.

On Your Doorstep

Shipped from overseas warehouse to regional dispatch facility. Your order is then sent directly to you.


What is Build to Order?

Build to order (BTO) and sometimes referred to as make to order or made to order (MTO), is a production approach where products are not built until a confirmed order(s) for products is received. BTO is the oldest style of order fulfillment and is the most appropriate approach used for highly customized or low volume products.

Isn’t this just a fancy name for pre-orders?

The two terms could be used interchangeably. Pre-orders are a relatively newer term for potential products that are still in concept stage or one or more steps before actual product production. We often see crowdfunding sites using the term pre-order. We have an end to end production model, logistics and support infrastructure in place already and hence aim to differentiate and avoid confusion by using the term per-order.

So why do you have an invite system?

Given the interest we have received, the invite system will allow us to initially reach specific target communities that have aided us in our journey so far. This would also provide some level of priority to their family and friends, and the Developer community prior to reaching out to the broader market.

Why is this so complicated?

The intention is not to make the process complicated. As a startup, we aim to ramp up the business and our ability to serve customers as quickly as possible. We do however have to have systems and processes in place so customers don’t end up disappointed while trying to place an order.

What if I don’t have an invite?

You can request an invite directly from us. You may click the request invite button or write to customer care.

How does the order process work?

Once you are in the store and click to buy, you will be requested for your email address. If you are a verified invitee, you will be able to proceed and buy. Once you have made your selection, and proceed to payment, your card will only be billed for 35% of the order value. The remainder will automatically be billed once we reach batch targets and the products enter the final stage of production.

Can I cancel or return my order?

Yes you can cancel your order anytime up until we take final payment. You can read more about our Cancellations and Returns policy here.

How about Duty and Taxes?

Duty and Taxes will be included in the price for sales within the EU. For sales outside of the EU, Duty and Taxes will vary by Country and will need to be paid by the buyer. Please read our policy on Duty and Taxes here.

How much does it cost to ship?

We aim to offer our customers multiple shipping options and will normally provide multiple prices on each sale. You may select the best option that suits your requirement during the check-out process. The price of shipping may vary at the time of placing the order and actual shipment. We will aim to minimise any impact on total cost to you.

Why are you going with a BTO approach?

Although there are multiple drivers for pursuing a BTO approach, our primary driver today is that it will allow us to better manage demand and hence secure relevant supplies to achieve greater customer satisfaction. It will also set the foundation for potential production of modular devices and components.

Will the BTO system go away?

We believe it is easier to move from a BTO model to a more traditional production and supply model rather than the other way around. The current BTO model is not intended to be a standalone approach to manufacturing. Customer demand will ultimately determine the model that we pursue longer term. In the mean time we will continue to pursue the BTO model.

How can I get an invite?

We are providing invites directly to specific communities of people who have worked with us over the last couple of years. They may extend invites directly to family and friends. In addition, we are processing invites directly. These will be made available on a first-come basis and depending on whether we have capacity to take on additional orders during any given production cycle.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order from our online store. You will be requested for your email address and if you have been invited, you will be able to proceed with buying from the store. Note that your invite can only be used once.

Can I invite my friends or family members?

Yes, with your invite you can extend this to up to 5 other people. You can simply add their email address to your list of invitees.

What are batch targets?

This is the minimum order quantity for us to proceed with a production cycle. We will do this in a minimum batch of 3000 units per model. Any volume under the batch target is not cost effective and would ultimately raise the raise the prices of our products.

How long is my Invitation is valid for?

Invites are valid for 72 hours from the time the invite is sent out to you. After this time, the invite will automatically be reassigned. If you have had a problem with placing order or with your invitation please contact the Care team here.

How long before I receive my order?

Once we reach batch targets on a specific model, the items will go into production. We expect that this could take between four to six weeks after which we will begin to ship items to our customers.

Where can you ship to?

We can ship to any country which is not limited by UK export restrictions. These exports restrictions may change from time to time nevertheless currently allow us to ship to the majority of countries in the world.